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Let’s hear from you.  This is a place for you to write your stories, thoughts, and testimonies.  We want to hear about how you have been shaped by outdoor adventure; we want to hear epic tales and near misses, and we want to hear daily routines that get you outside and keep you sane.


3 thoughts on “Chime In

  1. Outdoor adventure is the story of my life that just keeps repeating itself. I have been involved with multi-day, long distance running, biking, triathlon, and adventure racing for a few years now and I just can’t get enough. It seems each time I head off into the woods, the fields, the plains, the mountains, the desert, the jungle, the lake, the river, the ocean, the snow, the sand, the lightning, the thunder, the hail, the wind, I’m heading off to make memories. It seems it’s inevitable that I’m going to go through something that will, indeed, change (or at least slightly adjust) who I once was. And each time, for the better. You see, it’s not that I’m heading out to “find myself”. I know who I am. It’s deeper than that. Each time I head out, I return appreciating who I am all the more!
    I now crave these experiences. I don’t go out because it’s easy. I go out because it’s adventure. And adventure is beautiful. These trips to the wild aren’t masochistic, they aren’t just for loners. I never feel more at peace in these moments. I never feel more surrounded. Whether I’m with a team, or on my own. Whether the venture goes smoothly and without scratches, or turns for the worse and ends with failing body parts. Each trip is more than “worth it”. I head out knowing that something “bad” or uncomfortable may occur. But those moments always pass and again leaves me with more knowledge than I had from any book I could have read about someone else’s “near life” experience. Ahhh, the path between the start and end. So unexpected, so powerful, so worth it. That’s where I find life.
    I can’t really ponder anything I would rather do than head off into the unknown. Because everything in the unknown is “just right”. Without rules, without watches, without time, without media interjecting thoughts into my head, without temptation, without others telling me how my life, my day should look. In the unknown, nothing can go wrong because there are no rules unless we make them. Again I say, in the unknown, everything is just right.

  2. Aligned with your philosophy, I love spending time on our ranch with campers (and with my own kids) riding horses out on the trail with a loose and adventurous agenda. Our trip talk is usually, “I wonder where this trail goes?” or “Look at that cool spot, let’s find a way over there.” or “Hey, wow, look at this.” We set out each time to make memories and hopefully bring home a souvenir rock, animal bone, or leaf sample to look up later. As we travel along, the kids point out native and exotic deer species and scenic overlooks. There is nothing like a life lived out before God, exploring His Creation, sharing new experiences and challenges wrapped in honest faith and fellowship. Maybe I’ll see you in the woods of the Texas hill country. Elizabeth Eaheart

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