Time Warp

kb1_9801The Time Warp Tip!

After being on trail for just a few days with people, some how it feels like we’ve known each other for months! I have personally been on many a wilderness trip, and there is no better way to truly get to know, and love someone you have just met! Or even if you have known them for years, after being on trail, you will inevitably know them more truly! It’s a crazy, almost unexplainable thing. SOOOO here is the tip, be prepared for life long friendships in just a short amount of time and also, be prepared to learn more about yourself than ever before! The intimacy that goes along with just 24 hours of non stop togetherness (in tents, on hikes, braving the cliff side, preparing a meal, digging deep into the Truth, brushing your teeth, etc.), along with the solidarity of the wilderness = TIME WARP!

This “time warp” can hardly be a bad thing for any group, cause by knowing each other, and seeing each other through a heavenly lens, we can sharpen each other to be more like Christ! “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” Proverbs 27: 17.

For our High School Discipleship groups this is a chance to take the summer camp experience to the next level, and meet similar people who both highly value the thrill of outdoor adventure and the call to be a disciple of Christ! The “Time Warp” will be an especially beautiful thing as a high school discipleship student and you will see it clearly between your amazing wilderness guides, your EQD group, and the whole Camp Eagle community. Come join us, and somehow slow down time, then let the good times speed it back up, and keep those “Time Warp” relationships that will mold you for the rest of your life! Mind boggling!!!!!


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