An Eagle Quest Favorite – Morning Coffee

A typical morning on trail is not a school day morning or a work day morning. There are no alarms cranking because there are no watches on trail. It doesn’t matter what time you wakeup; you just wakeup slow and it’s time for coffee or breakfast. Waking up on trail is easy and natural. For the guides and many of the guests at Eagle Quest, morning coffee is a favorite trail experience. Cowboy coffee is our tradition and it begins with someone rolling out of their hammock, motivated to life by the kinetic energy of the potential coffee. They rummage for a stove, fuel bottle, potset, water, coffee grounds and while they’re at it they start water for breakfast. If you have a seasoned guide they’ll make sure all the necessities are gathered the night before.

Cowboy coffee begins with boiling water. The pot is removed from the stove and a heaping eyeballed amount of coffee is dumped in. After stirring the grounds in, the pot goes back on the stove and returned to a boil. It’s removed again just before it boils over and the process is repeated until the coffee submits to boiling without the temptation to over boil. Then the coffee is removed from the heat, and cool clear water is drizzled on top to make the final grounds sink and relieve a bit of the heat. Cowboy coffee is a discipline that yields rewards throughout the day, it transcends beyond self. It trains joy. It can’t be manufactured in a starbucks via packet.

The Via smile is a cheap one that surfaces before the coffee is tasted but doesn’t last beyond the cup. Cowboy coffee first furrows the brow; it begins as a task in solitude. The rigors of the discipline fosters community deeper than the instant thrill of the freeze dried substitute. In a world full of instant substitutes the real thing is hard to conceptualize without experience. Cowboy coffee is an art, tradition, discipline, community, and the definition of an Eagle Quest morning.

We love it!


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