Everyone is beginning to learn why the wilderness is so important

Wilderness adventure is a trendy concept these days.  Many people like the idea of the wilderness; it gives them the same warm feeling as their favorite coffee shop.  They feel “granola” and an sense of identity by being connected to God’s green earth with their toes in the mud; besides, it makes a good instagram photo.  There is however a real and invaluable quality the wilderness adds to our lives, and big pictures, and understanding of ourselves and understanding of God.  It holds for us more than a warm feeling or good memory.  There is truth and discovery in the beauty and simplicity and hardship.  A lot of people, maybe most, have never learned how to go into the wilderness but it can be simple.  Checkout the below links for more info on why the wilderness is important.  Get into the wilderness soon.  Go stargazing.

September is National Wilderness Month

The Healing Power of Walking in the Woods

Adventure Based Counseling


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