Summer Discipleship at Eagle Quest

Discipleship is what we’re calling Camp Eagle’s summer experience just for high school juniors and seniors. We chose the name because it simply and plainly describes what the experience is all about. Discipleship is a familiar Christian word. We see it on fliers, and pages advertising the next programmed activity from the youth group, or camp, and it becomes trite. We read it and it means a Bible study or meeting with other believers where we discuss the Bible or our lives. It means an activity that we do to grow or be a better Christian. Discipleship is a word that should give us chills because it describes our lives so poignantly and joyfully. It’s a word that gives feet to faith. It should mean everything to believers, without synonym, because through discipleship we’ve suffered the loss of all things but gained Christ. Instead, we think of it as a program or an exercise in Christian leadership. Discipleship at Camp Eagle is no such program. It is not a program designed to make you a disciple for two weeks, and at the end, you will not have completed a discipleship at Camp Eagle. Instead, we’re going to challenge the way you understand the concept of discipleship to Christ. We’ll give the word a fresh meaning. We’ll take you to the place of calling where each of Jesus’ disciples stood, a step away from following. Simple obedience to Jesus’ call began with one step but it made his disciples, disciples. Discipleship is the life faith lives though simple obedience. This is the nature of the Eagle Quest experience called Discipleship; not to make you disciples but to amplify and simplify the call; to bring you a step away from following Christ in simple obedience and the following steps you take back home will define you as a disciple.

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