“I love life!” One Camper’s Story from Eagle Quest 2011

“I love life!” (clicking the link will take you to an audio recording in a new window)

This is a story from Eagle Quest this summer.  It’s the kind of story that you pray for all year as you plan camp.  It’s the story we prayed for mid-summer when we felt like God was waiting to do something big.  It’s the story that makes next summer seem so far away, like we can’t wait for more.  This is the story of an Eagle Quest camper, who set out on the Pecos River, along with fifteen other girls, for a 60-mile adventure.  Sixteen stories intertwined for 8 days; lost in the woods without familiar bearings like cell phones, social networks, the usual temptations, or crutches.  Experiences sculpt us, weather erodes, rain adds depth, wind sands smooth.  It’s easy to forget the power; it’s easy to think of a kayaking trip as a kayaking trip.  It’s easy to forget the deep cliffs of the Pecos were carved by the current under the boat.  God dug deep this summer and changed a lot of people.  This is just one of the stories resounding from the summer.  In the summer office, at Eagle, they bounce off the wall and vibrate from our computers; they tell stories of a culture created by God, in His people, in His creation.  It’s God’s culture but we call it Camp Culture, and it sticks with us all year long.


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