Peeling back the layers

This summer the Bettertons were an awesome addition to the Eagle Quest staff. Kirsten ran the kitchen and Adam was in charge of everything else behind the scenes. They are staying on at Camp Eagle as part of the retreats team. Below, Adam reflects on his time spent with Eagle Quest this summer.

In our lives, as Christians, we tend to build up layers of stuff that
interfere in our relationships with Christ. Often times we end up putting things like our jobs, school work, popularity, clothes, and other relationships in front of our time with God. This is not even considering
the layers of distraction in our environment that have built up causing
us to forget God’s glory in the natural world, such as long ranges of
asphalt parking lots, enormous buildings blocking views around or above, the smells of car exhaust or sewage, the white noise of a bustling city, phones beeping, engines revving, a thousand men and women chatting on wireless devices, and the clicking of a hundred thousand text messages being sent every minute. We have built layers and layers of interference between us and experiencing holiness; and we wonder as Christians why it is so hard for the lost to hear God when, for the most part, we can hardly hear him ourselves.

This summer I have watched as the experience at Eagle Quest has helped break through the layers of stuff built up causing this interference and has allowed groups to experience something real and holy! Kids hike to the tops of hills and discover that their is so much beauty God has created that he invites us to be a part of. Each layer is stripped away and the result is an authentic experience with the Savior, an experience that will last and burn through the interference when kids go home. In the stillness and peace we find in the wilderness one can truly hear God, and in the dark of night, when God lights the sky with a million specks of glittering stars I can see him smiling as we meditate on his beauty, but I take note as his smile turns to sadness and longing for our lost brothers and sisters who have yet to see his beauty. I know kids are truly inspired by all that God does here at Eagle Quest, they take the message home with them and inspire their friends and their families.

The Eagle Quest experience is pine and cedar fresh air, wilderness, hill
top valley views, sunrises, sunsets, cool clear river relaxation,
challenging hikes, rewarding high ropes elements and Christ-like growth
for groups and individuals. Eagle Quest pushes kids beyond their everyday boundaries, out into the open air of God’s wonderful creation. They experience peace out on trail and on the river, the kind of peace that is hard to find in the fast paced world most of them live in. Without
strenuous schedules and pressures to act or look certain ways, campers are invited to meditate on truth, they are better able to focus in on the way God works in their own heart’s and in the heart’s of those they are with.

Observing what God has done in so many individuals and groups this
summer, I must say that wilderness adventure is a unique and refreshing way to seek the Lord, and it has been an absolute blessing to serve Him as a member of the EQ staff.



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