Meet Scott Chapman:

I’ve been the director of Eagle Quest for five summers.  Before moving to Camp Eagle I grew up in Dallas, but once I got a drivers licence, I left as often as possible to find some hills or mountains.  I’ve been climbing rocks as a means of pursuing the outdoors for 15 years.  For me, outdoor adventure is a lifestyle.  It’s not only what I pursue in my spare time but what I do for a living.  I take groups (churches, camps, schools, friends, etc) into the Texas Hill Country wilderness for customized outdoor adventures.  There are a lot of reasons to go into the wilderness with a youth group.  There is tons of fun to be had and a lot of lessons to be learned in God’s creation.  It seems like every time I get lost in the woods for a week, or spend a weekend climbing rocks I find more of myself out there.  Lately, God has been revealing more of Himself to me, through the wilderness.  After all, it is His creation.  When I look at the complexity of a honeybee or I think simply about how amazingly and brilliantly a single eye is constructed, I can’t help but think of the Creator.  Then, under every rock I turn over I see a different creature, with a different set of eyes, staring up at me; as if to say, we have a good creator with imagination, who loves beauty.  Lately, the outdoors have been the voice through which I hear God.  This is something I hope to share with others through the ministry of Eagle Quest.



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